A family story

Since 1967, 4 generations have taken care of the little corner of paradise that Louis and Louise had found.

After a few years, Claude and Jeannette took over and shaped the rentals in their image: warm, accessible and friendly!

Recently, Patrick has been spending a lot of time in the Bassin d'Arcachon in order to always improve the Villas Donis a little more. He is also very regularly present to welcome travelers before and after their stay.

Who will answer you by email, message or phone?

Most of the time, Patrick will be available for you, otherwise his son Florian will answer you.

Who will welcome you during your stay?

It will also be Patrick but also from time to time Claude and Jeannette or Florian.

In case of problems, who will help you?

Patrick will be regularly present on Taussat, so he can quickly intervene in the event of a problem. If he is not present, Florian, living in Bordeaux, will also be able to move quickly.